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Yesterday saw you missing
Drawn to the light in the distance
Holding her hand while she listened
She told him how much she would miss him
Said his goodbyes to his children
And let the weight fade away

I have your hands
But I have my mother's eyes
Your tact and poise
And her sense of wrong and right
Heard you awake in the middle of the night
Letting go of the things you keep inside

Worked your fingers to the bone
To be sent home with a cardboard box
Filled with everything you've known
All things come to be loved and lost

I'll keep a moment sealed in time inside a picture frame
A small reminder of the days I thought would never change
They always say it's clear to see
How parts of you shine through in me
I think you know, you won't be here forever
And you're counting down the days
'Til you can rest your tired eyes and let it slip away

The lessons learned at your side
Will stay with me all my life
The man I hope to become, I know is deep down inside
I know, you don't even need to say
I know you're proud in your own way
I know you're proud in your own way

And you watched me grow up
As I watched you grow older
The chip off your block, held me up on your shoulders
I wish I told you yesterday

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