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I'm so addicted to the loving that you're feeding to me (ohhh)
Can't do without it, this feeling's got me weak in the knees
(ohh baby)
Body's in withdrawal every time you take it away (ohhh)
Can't you hear me callin'?
begging you to come out and play? (awww yeah)

So baby come to me
Baby, Show me wh you are (yeah yeah yeah)
Sweet to me
Like sugar to my heart (oooh baby)
I'm craving (im cravin) for you, I'm missing you like
candy (missin you like candy)

Sweet sweet loving got me going to the extreme,
Won't go without it this vibe has gotta hold on me
Satisfying baby let me show what i'm made of
No doubt about it, got me feeling crazy can't get enough.
(baby baby baby baby wont you)

[Chorus x2]

You know who you are,
Your love is as sweet as Candy
I'll be forever yours
Love always, Mandy

Boy Im cravin'
Missing you like Candy

[Chorus x2]

Autor(es): Mandy Moore

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