Chasing The Sun

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we skipped through springtime.
I hope I make it back by summer.
sometimes I wonder if there would be one without me. she's behind the pages.
she's an everyday angel.
she doesn't think she's pretty.
I think she's beautiful.
soon I'll be chasing the sun back home.
some things just happen.
some things are meant to. some think that there ain't no use in trying but I don't think so.
she's all of the sunset and she's half of the picture. she doesn't know I miss her. save me.
I've been away so long.
I've been given nothing but gray sky.
soon I'll be chasing the sun back home.
It's going to be good this time.
I think I've finally made up my mind.
soon I'll be chasing the sun back home and you'll be there.

Autor(es): Gameface

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