Candy's Room

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baby ain't you heard about the night club called the nice nice
they got the dry ice and the knife fights on every other wednesday night
i can see all the stains in your white tights
when you stand in the black lights down at the nice nice
and we were born in these night clubs and you make those propositions with your sexy little shoulder shrugs
you'll be covered up with powdered drugs by the end of the night
if you're still at the nice nice

livin large and feelin small (livin large, livin large)
gettin nice with night club dwight in the bathroom stall, he got the margin call
now let's get a little marginal

she's small and sweet but she's a straight up theif
she puts the lipstick in her pocket and then she casually leaves
he's big and strong but he's halfway gone
he puts the pipe up to his mouth then he casually breathes

Autor(es): Lifter Puller

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