Can I Follow?

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Why can't you see
It's not my fault
Why do you keep me talking to myself
I should be free
There's no mistake
I sure do know, that it just wasn't me

I wanna step, out of the dark
I wanna let loose the freedom inside me
I have to break, out of the chains
Out of the chains that are holding me down here

I see the way, I see the light
Can I follow?
I see the way I see the light
Can I follow? Can I follow?

Oh can't you see
I'm innocent
I ain't the same since you locked me up with me

I wanna live
Under the sun
But there are some things that I cannot change

I wanna run, I wanna walk
I wanna do everything you're doing
Who got it wrong, I wanna know
When did the people get the power to convict me?

They pulled me in
Will I get out
When will they see
I'm not guilty
Now I will stand straight
Clinged to my right
Don't you believe
I'm not guilty

I wanna see the light

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