Can I Get Wit Ya

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[Verse 1: Notorious B.I.G]
Another day in the ghetto
One look outside I'm already upset yo
It look about a hundred-and-two
It's a Saturday and Biggie ain't got nuttin to do
Uhh, I'm intrrupted by a phone ring {*brrrrring*}
Sometimes I wish I never got the motherfuckin thing
"Hello hello? Can I speak to Biggie?"
Yo who dis? "Taisha" Yo call back, I'm busy
Why don'tcha hit me on the box a little later
Washed up, got dressed, hits the elevator
Steps out it's the same old scene
Dope fiend, crack fiend, eyewitness news team
I seen a honey with a butt looking butter soft
I know she looks much better with them clothes up off
Sitting all thick, with the ruby red lipstick {*SMACK*}
That's the one I gotta get with

Can I get wit'cha, can I get wit'cha
Can I get wit'cha, can I get wit'cha
"Why you wanna get with me?"
Cause you got a big B-U-T, T, see
Can I get wit'cha, can I get wit'cha
Can I get wit'cha, can I get wit'cha
"Why you wanna get with me?"
Cause you got a big B-U-T, T

[J. Cole]
I'm tryna get with ya girl, I ain't even going stunt
Miss Fat booty, man I seen it from the front
I mean that shit was pumped, had me fiending from the jump
And that ass was right, shit would make a fag look twice
So I approach like “shawty , whats good with cha?”
Nigga was hopin’ to go back to the hood with ya
And yeah I see them other niggas tryna look at cha
Wouldn’t slang the thing right even if they could get ya
Me I’m from the Ville where we learn how to mack well
And you gon’ yell when I hit it from the back well
Take you to the crib and throw on a little Maxwell
Grab a condom know cause, shit, I don’t know you that well
Haa, was fucking with that
Far from hater but see dem brothers was wack
So don’t you worry bout them mean muggin’ girl
I’m tougher than that
And niggas mad cause this light skinned brotha is back
I’m sayin’ though

[Hook & Interlude]

[J. Cole]
Stripes on the Polo
On the late night, fucking your wife on the low low
My pipe like a pogo stick, no homo
No ice but I’m cold though
Cologne on my nuts in case she might wanna go low
I’m from the Ville where niggas fight for the dolo
So think twice or take the same advice from the fo’fo’
Me running to PoPo and muthaf-ckin’ no go
A Carolina nigga, I’m the muthaf-ckin logo
Shit, fly as hell on my ozone shit
Disrespect me nigga you could get your cornroll split
And that goes for you too, I’m on my Bono shit
Niggas got no delivery thats that Digiorno shit
I got porno chicks callin’, I still neglect them nigga
I’m about my money like a bill collector
For you slow niggas I put it more in laymans
If you ain't talkin’ money its a foreign language
But uh, shawty can I get wit cha


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