Can I Live

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Drop that.. what?
Uhh, Sisqo, Associates, T.R.
You feel this, what the deal?

Oh, oh, you knew I was a nigga from the jump
So don't front
Like it was, wakin up buggin
Since when, we've been messin

Flexin, numbers been good, no doubt
But now tryna get me on lock down
Tryna figure out what I'm all about
If I'm worn out, no chillin wit, what I'm dealin wit

Just can't, just can't handle it
You're not my girl and I'm not your man
I'm a tell you again so you understand
I'm not tryna be callin, I'm not movin, not buggin

Not tryna get stuck in somethin I can't get of
If you thought twice shorty then I doubt ya
You two get off-a my back
You not too tight, need to cut my some slack
So let's go

[Chorus: LovHer Sisqo]
Can I live, can I breathe
I can't exhail, get off-a me
What I do, where I be
Can I see, without you tellin me what is this
Can I live, can I breathe
I can't exhail, get off-a me
Give me privacyyy!

Met her at the club, it was pumpin
Drunk as hell, got the Henne', but thugin
Smokin somethin, I saw you with your girlfriend
Actin like your cousins, but you really wasn't

Plus I caught you wit the horny face
GRRR! And you loved it
Took it to the crib for some fuckin
Touchin, huggin, lotta rubbin

You always layin, not bustin
I hollered at you cause your body was right
And I stay smashin lip cause the shit was tight
What was your time, come with me tonight

If you thought it was sweet, ain't not tonight
I won't go that how and it ain't my life
I'ma baller, you a chicken, need to get it right
So get my wisdom, why you stressin me?

Need to stop stressin me
You can't handle it, chills in the memory!


[LovHer Sisqo]
Leave 'em, love 'em, bust, I leave 'em
That is just the way I treat 'em
I don't know your type or reason
Not my girl so I'm not cheatin
Never, ever, never, ever
(?) This is the game, so begin!

T.R., oh, oh
They put this in the club, I feel faintly attracted
Ain't tryna go home to the smell of old rabbits
That's why we doin chill so I steal it from your cabbage

The meanin of expense and to clarify your status
You and Magina, and I ain't your partner
So chill wit that crazy bullshit that you sparkin
Crazy enough to bull-clock, you bent off a Ken Robert

Replys on your signature, smotherin my inbox
Call all the time, but never seen
I could smell when you call boo you get the in button
I never understood you ain't in the wood somethin

So why you keep binoculars in hand like the cuffin
You grey-hairin me, no better yet
Fuck that boo you're scarin me, talk you want to marry me
Love, go stalk another nigga, I ain't greavin
It's a piece so why I'm pullin out the scissors now bounce, bounce


Whoa whoa, we out
Sisqo, another one
T.R., uhh uhh, ONE!