Can I Really Fell You?

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Living your love, out of control
over the edge, falling
Your wings torn to pieces
Do you believe this is just the beginning?
Is it too hard to understand?
And you always thought
Everything was all right.

I'm haunted by this need to let you know
Sometimes it hurts like a wound that won't heal
It's not easy to see beauty on rough diamonds

And if you looked at the mirror
Would you realize that your light
Is not as bright as you think?

Get down on your knees
Take off your clothes, look at me
I want to feel you, naked and unclean
I keep this treasure just for you
Can I really feel you?

Will love always become these platitudes
Where vain words become nice poetry
To ears deafened to real feelings?
Love comes unnoticed
And it takes your heart away
It can turn you into a slave
And sometimes the price
Is just too damn high.

Autor(es): Fabiano Negri / James Twin

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