Cannibal Flesh riot

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Heed my warning children of the flesh
I am the messenger who's name is Death.
Im not a villian im just here to address you willing living thieves.

There are places man's not meant to go
and there are things that man's not meant to know.
you act surprised when i snatch out your eyes
babe, its the least that i could do...

oh theres gonna be a riot. (tonite tonite)
oh a Cannibal Flesh Riot.

For those of you who feel you cant refrain from digging
into my children's terrain.
watch your back, heed the branche's snap
when youre sneaking through my house.

im an impartial viewer to your stage
little mokingbirds locked in a cage
are what you are but still you insist on invading what is mine.

theres gonna be a riot (tonite tonite)
oh a Cannibal Flesh Riot (tonite tonite)

These are wordsd i urge your heart to heed.
In my house dont feed on others' sleep.
You might just have a nightmare on its way....

A nightmare on its way...

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