Cathy Davey


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How do you do it like it'd nothing at all?
I put my soul into it but I can't take the salt
I'm doing it all wrong, or did I never belong?
I swear I feel like I'm a million miles away from where I come from

How do you dance around like no one'd see you fall?
I pick myself up and go hiding in the bathroom
I see some faces but what I see most of all
A loneliness (...)

I'm a loose cannonball
(Drop my bit) to hit the ground
I'm a loose cannonball
I go up just to come down
I get blown through the air
To go up to all I know
It's the only way to go
And I'll soon be calling your, calling your name

How do you do it, like no time had come to pass?
I sit in here so long, no longer feel my ass, no
I shake my body, but the feeling not returned
I carry on my humor, but I knew it won't work

(Bet you're ...)
You're misunderstood
I'm stickin' it to where (...)
So I sharpen your knives
You can lower that hairspray
I don't care for a tincture (full of ...) anyway