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Wind passes right through my skin as i fall down, this furious
Speed will only destroy me. crippling and devastating momentum,
Approaching maximum velocity. and this is how it's going to be,
The point of it all. 'cause this is what was went for me,
Recklessly i fall.

Hulking, smashing, i come crashing, nothing like when i was
Small. i am unstoppable, i am the cannonball. that feeble
Coward that you knew, has undergone an overhaul, i am
Unstoppable, i am the cannonball.

Thirty-two feet per second i increase as the exponents will
Multiply. i'll never stop to look back behind me, cutting
Through the bright blue sky. and this is how it's meant to be,
Untethered i will soar. i'll barrel towards the earth below,
It's what i was made for.

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