Can't Break a Dead Girl's Heart

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This is a story all about a dead girl...
I just saw what happened and it put me in a whirl,
Kitty ran on the tracks, she ran out to get it back,
Along came a train and it took her life away,
Now kitty is cryin'. I think I'll take him home.
But that would mean dead girl would be out here all alone.
Oh, boy, it's gettin' late.
Should I ask her on a date?
Maybe this time I will get it right...

'Cause you can't break a dead (no!)
Can't break a dead (no!)
Can't break a dead girl's heart!

Her eyes had this icy glow,
I ask if she wants to go,
but she's givin' me no response, my friend,
And while she's lyin' there...
The blood on her golden hair...
I bet she ain't easy to offend!

Autor(es): Doc Horror / Zombina

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