Can't Catch a Break

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Let the people talk
I can hear em talkin talkin
They want me to run away
I'm proudly walkin walkin
Try to play keep away
Smear the queer but i'll be the winner here
The day they drop the ball

I can't cath a break in this town
I'm a local disease
But i know everyone i love
And everyone i love knows me

Living day to day
The verses ignore us
But me and my friends
We're the chorus
Or just my ideals
But i swear that i'll be faithful
'Till someone misses me for a change

Soup in a bread bowl
500 channels
And all the facts
They got photo quality
A decent show to see
And quiet time to relax

All the girls i know
They think i'm diffrent
It never lasts too long
I can't keep up the gimmick
And then
They see i'm just like them
Clueless on the outside wanting in

Autor(es): Brandon Phillips / Zack Pig Pen Phillips

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