Chest Of Prophecies

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Find the box of life
Curses and penalties
Live to be free
Call God for salvation
Living and trying
Live to see

To die forever
Sentenced to death
Ever dreamed with it?
Compute the time of life

Began a planned war, was extended for a long time

Innocent deaths, John, Mary, Peter, Noah, Paul, Jeremiah, David, Matthew, Joseph, Abraham, Abel, Moses

Began a war for a long time, was predicted the prophecy

Et vidi, et audivi prophetia

Fight for the box of life
Flowing and feeling
Live to be free
Pray to God for salvation
Devotion and adoration
Live to see

Et vidi, et audivi prophetia
Pugna aeternam nostra
Aspice, aspice, aspice the prophecy

Autor(es): Bruno Hoffmam

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