Can't Deny Me

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You can’t deny me, baby, why would you want to, you need me
You can’t deny me, baby you want to, you need me
Can’t deny me, baby you want you, believe me
Can’t deny me, baby you want you, you need me

I’m rappin' it fat, back to attack
The stork hit my mom’s bedroom and delivered a baggy a crack
Cause I rap hot, since playin' with match box
Spittin' shit prestigious like level 50 in black ops
It's that dirtyness, got 'em seein' stars like galileo & copernicus
Kill them with the wordy shit
Clashin' with the mothafuckin' titians like I'm perseus
Searchin' for a perk, a 40, and a pair of perky tits
Spittin' sars baby, everything I said's ill
Pop an x pill, movin' on the next kill
First degree, murder beats with the best skill
Runnin' shit like mr. Hankey on a treadmill
They don’t even understand what I be rappin'
Tearin' down mic's, ct to manhattan
Haters try to hate, but can’t compete with webby's passion
Slaughterin' a verse, statik hit 'em with tha scratchin'

Speakin' tight, every day I’m beatin' mic's
Run up in the asian restaurant and eat up condoleezza's rice
Bless a track like my semen's spliced with Jesus christ
Cause there’s a lot of cheese, all I want's a freakin' slice
And a chick with tats and double d's is all I need in life
And if she cooks I'll reconsider if I need a wife
They see my skin color, so they don’t believe I’m nice
But it don't matter if I’m black, blue, green or white
Cause I’ve been killin' rhyme schemes since my adolescence
I kill a beat mothafucker, better grab a medic
I'll work your girlfriend out like calisthenics
And grant her sexual wishes just like a aladin said it
From the past to present, I attack with vengeance
Grindin' like that teeth of someone with a crack dependence
Try to get my money up so I can stack and spend it
And take my competition out just like a bad appendix

Can’t deny me, baby you want to, believe me

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