Canteen Of Water

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He carries his ID's and his books bound in leather
And a change of clothing and a picture of Anna when she was younger
Least he forget her and in among his papers is a list of all the people that he knew
And many sent letters telling someone that he'd be there sometime soon
Hey stranger aren't you the tiredness that remains
When you think freedom can't be measured
By the scuffles on your boots hey hey hey

Now he dreams with Anna a life in the time they were together
He was hard and she was supple where they lived out in the country
She thought gentle like his hands upon her body
And when Anna felt the cooling wind David felt the need to be blown down
And when Anna felt the cleansing rain David fought the fear that he might drown
Hey stranger and now you wander through the country
That you hope is much less frightening when it's quicker passing by hey hey hey

Now in southern Arizona at the Last Chance Diner counter
Being questioned by the waitress he prepares for the desert
With his fredom and a canteen of water
La la la la la la...

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