Can't Escape Your Eyes

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You broke the curse of the silence
You have been stagnant for too long
and everything's changing
Your world now corrodes
Such a suffering statement
You're left in the cold alone

You're chasing dreams you can't follow
Through you ascension they wallow
and everything's changing
Your life's getting worse
and you speak of salvation
Can't live with this curse no more

Can't escape your eyes (x2)
Welcome my friends to Oblivion

You climbed this ladder to heaven
You never questioned dissention
But everything's changing
this place got so dark
Where's the glowing messiah?
to let life's final spark begin

You are broken and battered
You're so used and so tattered
But everything's changing
It's not so oblique
with this new inhibition
You feel so unique again

Can't escape your eyes (x2)

Welcome my pets, to this Orpheum
I intercept all that you've become
and you're becoming mine

Oh how often you're dreaming
Now you're waking it's seeming that…
everything's changing
this wound cannot close
and you're writhing in terror
Cause you've been disposed again
You are nothing but shadows
You are nothing that matters
But everything's changing
You've dotted and signed
a miraculous feeling
your life is defined at last

Can't escape your eyes (x4)

Welcome my friends to oblivion

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