Lil' Kim

Can't Fuck With Queen Bee

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it's a new day and all you gossipin', backstabbin', habitual hater
you're all history(history)
so you can hate or hail the queen(all hail the queen)
but it don't matter
cause you ain't got nuttin' for us (you ain't got nothin' for us)
so as long as you live remember this

you can't fuck with queen bee
queen bee, queen bee
all you haters will see(that's right)
see, see

don't be mad i can't put this money in the casket
i can't put these cars in the box with the ashes
i can't take these diamonds with me when i die
i can't build that pretty white house in the sky(no)
i know you wishin' that you wrote this song
but these same words comin' from you would be a joke
you're better off takin' heat from your boy jade
i know you hate dyin' but you gon' die a hater
i got a vision for the future babe pa
ya near-sighted lot of ya'll can't see that far
rocks like a street light
baby watch 'em glow
red, yellow and green, don't know whether to stop or go
i'm like a chameleon i got many styles of rhymes
like a bottle of fine wine, i just get better with time
from Hardcore to Notorious, ya'll study my flow
and still...

you can't fuck with queen bee
queen bee, queen bee{ya'll can't fuck with queen bee}
all you haters will see
see, see{all you haters gon' see}
{do it to 'em bee}

whether you slingin' the rock
or you got a wicked jump shot
or just a fiend for this queen bitch of hip-hop
kimmy bad dudes from the barbershop to the car show
the industry down to Wallstreet
(what does she need tell me what is her type
i wanna give it to her, tell me please
be my girl i'll give up anything
anything that her heart desires in this whole world)
just cause you ain't a millionaire don't mean you can't compete
you ain't gotta be filthy rich, but you can't be cheap
i like a man that can stand on his own two feet
got a strong business mind, straight out the street
you gotta have security, power and wealth
cause i can do bad by my goddamn self
and if you spiritual, got a good heart and can make me laugh
you can fuck

you can get with queen bee
queen bee, queen bee{ya'll can get with queen bee}
take you to ecstacy
ecstacy, ecstacy{take ya'll to ecstacy, give it to 'em queen bee}
{it's your turn baby, it's your turn girl}

ain't nothin' gon' change my name gon' get bigger
it's in the cards for Lil' Kim to get richer and richer
so like it or not, i am who i am
when i die, hold my body in the Brooklyn muesem
now take it to the bridge

da di ya da, da, da, da, da
(don't that feel good, Full Force sing the break one more time c'mon)
da di ya da, da, da, da, da
(oh yeah, ow, don't that so nice)

you can't fuck with queen bee(c'mon)
{ya'll can't fuck with queen bee}(that's feel good music right there)
queen bee, queen bee(ow){yeah}
(c'mon governer)
all you haters will see
see, see{all you haters gon' see, you're gon' see}
ecstacy{you're gon' see ecstacy}
you can get with queen bee{queen bee baby, queen bee}
queen bee, queen bee
{da di ya da, da, da, da, da}
(like a bottle of fine wine i just get better with time)
take you to ecstacy
ecstacy, ecstacy(all hail the queen,yeah)
gonna let 'em know{yeah, yeah, yeah}
let 'em know{let 'em know bee}
can't see the queen, no{give it to 'em bee, give it to 'em bee}
{yeah, Governer}

Autor(es): Deniece Williams / K. Jones / Nathan Watts