Can't Git Enough

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Hey, wanna boogie now ?
Gonna make you wanna boogie now.

Gonna start to jive it.
Gonna monsterize it.
You dishing it up, just give it up,
You give it up, so give it up.

Get it on, I'm latching on
To e real good love.
I can't get enough - just love that stuff.
In the morning you said you'd help me,
So baby, just help the needy -
I can't get enough.

Can't get enough,
Can't get enough,
Gonna make you wanna boogie now.
Can't get enough.
Can't get enough

Gonna monsterize it.
'Cause my fuzz-tone's rising.
You're my morning cup of coffee,
You're my goodnight cup of tea.
You're alright with me,
I get my love the hard way.

Your love is greedy,
Help the needy, satisfy my hunger.
Gonna make you wanna boogie now,
Gonna make you wanna get down.

Can't get enough.

Autor(es): Couldron / Mac Rebennack / Oyster / Walden

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