Child of the Wild

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Gaze into nature's eyes
is there spite, is there greed?
Face your fellow man,
realize he's of evil breed.
We ought to be afraid of ourselves.

You must not live in fear
for the child of the wild.
Look around, do you see
the beast in you and me?

Take a step into the wild,
horrific creatures will hide.
You're the terror well disguised,
you're the fear that locks itself inside.
We ought to be afraid of ourselves.

Embrace the untamed
see the grandeur under the grime.
Feel a rising peace
by a wind from deep seas.

Surrounded by a big crowd:
you feel secure in the night.
Black waters and dark woods:
and you tremble by fright.
We ought to be afraid of ourselves.

Autor(es): Stefan Weinerhall

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