Daniel Amos

Child on a Leash

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I'm asking you why
I never get inside the place that
I belong
Whenever I
Think I've got a hold of you that's when
You're gone

And I'm feeling like a child on a leash
There's a hand just outside of my reach
There's a light on in another room
I'll arrive too late and leave too soon

I just die
Whenever I get sight of you you're
Movin' on
I wanna cry
When I think I've got it right and then it goes
All wrong

Where would I go? - it's always back to you
Where would I hide? - it's always back to you
What would I do? - it's always back to you
Forever back to you
Forever back to you
And i'm wondering why

I just die...

Autor(es): Terry Taylor

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