Can't help who you love

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["Ce qui m'interesse le plus dans la vie, puisque tout se rapporte
a ca, c'est l'amour, que se soit n'importe quel domaine d'ailleurs.
L'amour l'humanite, l'amour...l'amour de son travail,
l'amour des...des choses que l'on aime, puis l'amour tout court
n'est-ce pas? L'amour tout court c'est a dire l'amour entre...deux
etres et evidemment c'est...c'est je crois seule chose
qui compte sur terre parce que de la decoule toutes les choses
on est... Quand on aime on a tous les courages. C'est a dire
que si on doit se realiser, s'epanouir..."]
(["What interests me most in life, since all is interrelated,
after all, is love of any sort. Love of...of humanity,
of one's work, love of the...the things we like, and love in
general, right? Love in general is to say love between...two
beings, and evidently I...I judge, it's the...the only thing
that counts on earth. From there flows all the things we have.
When we love we have all the courages. Which is to say if we
have to come true, to bloom..."])

We started out alright
I don't know how we lost our way
Why are we never satisfied?
Why do we throw it all away?

And sometimes it's not enough, but you can't help who you love
(No, you) can't help who you love

I never meant to hurt her
Well, I never meant to cause her pain
I couldn't go any further


Well, I had everything
I could have lived so happily
But you know it's not the answer
At least, not for me
and she just wants to hang out
Why does it have to be that way?
The more I try to reach out

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