China Lady

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Sweet China Lady, You Dance All Night
I Want You Baby, So Hold Me Tight
C'mon- Let's Do It Now- C'mon
Too Much Time- C'mon
Need You Right Now- C'mon

Set Me On Fire the Whole Night Long
Feel My Desire, Or Break This Down
C'mon- Need You Tonight- C'mon
I'll Be Alright- C'mon
(That'll Be Good) C'mon


Sweet China Lady
Don't Bring Me Down no No No
Sweet China Lady
It's Time Tonight, I Want You
Sweet China Lady
Don't Bring Me Down, Don't Bring Me Down

Just Another One Night Stand
I Wanna Be Free
Then We're Not Free

C'mon- Just You and Me- C'mon
Give Me Your Love- C'mon
Kick It Back- C'mon