Chinatown, My Chinatown

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When the town is fast a-sleep, and it's mid-night in the sky,
That's the time the fes-tive chink starts to wink his oth-er eye,
Starts to wink his dream-y eye, la-zi-ly you'll hear him sigh.

Strang-ers ta-king in the sights, pig-tails fly-ing here and there.
See that brok-en wall street sport, still thinks he's a mil-lion-aire.
Still thinks he's a mil-lion-aire, pipe dreams ban-ish ev-'ry care.

Chi-na-town, my chi-na-town
Where the lights are low,
Hearts that know no oth-er land,
Drift-ing to and fro.

Dream-y dream-y chi-na-town,
Al-mond eyes of brown,
Hearts seems light and life seems bright,
In dream-y chi-na-town

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