Chinese Firecrackers

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Charlie Younge lay smoking on his bunk one night
Something happened, filling Charlie Younge with fright
Someone placed a bunch of firecrackers under his bunk
And touched the stem of each of them
With a piece of lighted punk
Charlie jumped up in the air
Filled with rage he started to swear

"Hop Toy, Ming Foy, Sing Goy, Ung Loy
Suey Pow, Yenshee Gow Main"

That bunch of crackers exploded
With a bing, bang, boom
And so did Charlie Younge
In his native tongue
With a

"Hop Toy, Ming Foy, Sing Goy, Ung Loy
Hunka Chinee punk"

Which means
"Who the 'hell-ee' put those firecrackers under my bunk?"

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