Can't Let Go

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The needle spinning on this broken record feels just like a sentimental heartbeat
Keeping time with all the memories from the past
Going over now it's choking all the thoughts that feed the pulse inside of my head
So take a number stand in line so you can die to watch your mistakes

This voice will sing out now for the last time
Feels like I'm running in circles, I got nowhere left to go
This song wants to ring out now for the last time
It's played over and over but I'm too scared I can't let it go

The stories spinning from the mouths up at the bar are wearing thin and going nowhere
They're getting stale just like the sour drink in my hand
It's got me thinking I'm about to turn my back and get the fuck right out of this town
So order up another round so you can wash away your mistakes

I've watched these kings in battle with jealous eyes afire
Only to have their cities
Conquered and left in ruins, the walls they built to fall
The masses rise up and they take it all
Take it all..

Can't let it go......

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