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Blaming everybody who dealt your hand
But you're keepin your own head in the sand
You should be sweatin while you sit at home
Looking under your bed for your backbone
Instead you ridin bitch till the tables turn
Till you get your check
Till your luck returns
How are you expectin to find your way
With shoulda coulda woulda comin out your face

And neitherdidcouldn't
Never did nobody no good
You better plant in your garden
And make sure you water it like you should

Time has spoiled you rotten
You done forgotten
Why you been put here
And neitherdidcouldn't
But make your dreams disappear

You keep ridin your bike in a cul-de-sac
Think you're gettin somewhere ridin piggy back
But you're only gettin out what you're puttin in
So stick your neck out take it on the chin
Cause there's a whole lotta nothin goin on for too long
Cause the time isn't right
Cause it feels all wrong
Wishin like a baby you could just get on
But ain't nothin doin while nothin's done

Autor(es): Nikka Costa

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