Can't pay the piper

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Baby won't you give me some light
Keep me in the dark and it is hard to see things
I just wanna do what is right
And I can't pay the piper till I know what he sings

Don't you keep on looking at me
Sighin in your voice and your eyes complainin
If you'd take a look you would see
I'm runnin outta patience and my temper's strainin

I said I don't want it
You don't listen anyway
I said I don't need it
You don't hear a word I say

We ain't gonna find nothing new
All we ever had was just another old start
Baby what you want me to do?
Wish you'd go be mad at someone else's cold heart

There is nothing else I can say
It ain't gonna help for me to try and be nice
Maybe you should just go away
If you got the notion I could fall for you twice

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