Can't say goodbye

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Ever since the day we met
I Knew that i would not regret
I could never leave you for another
But you treat me like a fool
I can't keep on being cool
Now i need some time just to recover

With a ticket to a distant place
I could leave you far behind
Your love has put me into outer space
I'm about to lose my mind

There are things about you
I will never understand
And althought our love
Is not exactly what i planned
It was meant to be
Darling can't you see

You and i just can't say goodbye
Till the day i die
I will love you

Maybe it would be worthwhile
If i could make you change your style
Darling you would never have that notion
You would have to rearrange
The things that you would never change
Tell me why you play with my emotions

If you see confusion on my face
Well, it's just my state of mind

Autor(es): Bobby Caldwell / George Chocolate Perry

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