Can't See Tomorrow

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All I need is a misfitee
You should probly bounce if you hatin on me
If you're not with the clique you should probly leave
I don't care, I got a camera cause
I'm not saying cheese, please
My flows are so disgusting
I don't care I'm mean muggging
Cause you know they letting us in

Cause we making some adjustments
We are the top now
Man all I do is laugh
I don't pay attention
You will never see me in detention
Homie not to mention I don't go to school
But you could always see me in the session

Cause I'm spittin the poison
In the studio when I'm letting my boys in
You could come kick it but
You're leaving your boyfriend
And please shut the door
Cause you're letting the noise in

Now shut em up
Cause I need you here
I can't see tomorrow
Cause I need you here
I can't see tomorrow
Nobody can help us, stay rebellious
Msfts slick as elvis

Man I'm ready to mingle
Talkin to your girl as you're playing my single
It ain't a jingle what has been changed
And the funny thing is I don't say her name
I say the clique
It's just a part of my artistry
Giving all these stupid
Jokers lobotomies honestly

Msfts, we the ones who started it
And I kinda put my heart in it
I wanna skate yea, we should go and fold a bit
And now all the yellow part of it
Shell fly that I got a girl shakin
Nice whip, went to malibu skating
It's a movement, nobody can make me
Do anything, it's history in the making though

Cause I need you here
I can't see tomorrow
Cause I need you here
I can't see tomorrow
I just put my track on
Camo slacks on
My name is jaden, you can't hate it if I made it
Look I made it, take a look around
I'm caesar sittin in in my palace

Take a look around
Many here, I even got a callous
Msfts my brothers
If you disagree then go up in the gutter
Dressed so fly, so smooth like butter
Homie dude that stutter
No, tell your shit to shut uo
Many circumscrate rap shit
I'm a die in a msfts casket
When you real like classic
My whip just got called the jurassic, magic

Autor(es): Jaden Smith