Can't Slow Down

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Maybe you can work it out
It will be easy when I'm not around
But come Sunday I'll be feeling down
You can run right back to me

But I can't tell you where I go
Maybe you don't need to know
This path the road leads me down
Ain't the same one others see

Cause I'm high and I'm low
This rollercoaster is out of control
I can't tell the sky from the ground
It's wrong, but it's right
It's gonna be another long night
I can see the lights of the next town
And I can't slow down

It was good to be back home
But when you left I got drunk alone
I let the whiskey burn a hole
Right through you and me

But I'm too scared to put it down
Cause it gets me to the next town
And if that's wrong at least you know
You can always blame me


I've had the hammer down watching everyone else pass me by
But I couldn't turn around even if I tried
Won't you let me try
No I can't slow down

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