Can't Stand

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No one sees things the same way,
Tired of listening
Watching my world going down,
Sick of hanging on
How to believe in your flag,
And serve my country
Has all we have learned been right,
God knows I can't say
Dying land, the place we call home
I feel like I was born to lose
Wasted past, hopeless future, no real desire
People dig the government, I'm a dissident
I have to go away, false promises,
I don't want your nation
I don't need protection,
What scares me is your dirty little war
This land will never change
These old fashioned values make me vomit
Protect you will being,
You can read my mind and what I've got in
Some people crawl, some will never fall
Silent hate, I walk in silent hate
Burn the flag, I cannot stand your flag
Fallen country, it won't set me free
Dying land, promise land
Silent rage, I live in silent rage
Some people cry, some will never die
I hate to go away, false promises,
I don't want your nation

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