Can't Stand - Soccer Player

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You pretend you don’t see anything
You judge every step I take
You’ve been acting strange lately
People say it’s because of your age

You think everyone is to blame
I wish you would come out and say
That your whole selfishness
Won’t allow you to be happy

It’s not only me
Nobody can stand you
If you could only see
You just can’t put yourself in my shoes
So thank you for all you did for us
Soccer Player

A soccer player he dreamed to be
He gets to traffic lights and that’s not what he sees
He never scores only sells in the street
2 dollars for the water bottle, please

A spur, a change, a helping hand
It won’t make his past erased in the end
Abandon, hunger, thirst and fights
He left school his lost his rights

You pretend you can’t see
You pretend you don’t know
Roll the car windows up
This human being does not exist for you

This life is lived by thousands
Potential for doctors, teachers and artists
A Waste of talent, that’s too bad
It all could be different with a little help

But life makes him leave his school
You run into a boy asking a change for you
And that’s how it goes and this is how it is
As scum this kid is seen

Autor(es): Bad Flip