Mack 10

Can't Stop

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Featuring E 40

E 40 talking: Mack OneDime excuse me playboy

Aiight check this out aiight nigga check this out

We crimeys right that mean you my pa'tner in crime

Like that check this out let's let 'em know summin'

You know niggas should've been plugged up

From L.A. to the Bay you understand we doin' Big Thangs

Big thangs mothafucka big thangs fool. Check it out!

Aiight One O this E Feezee I gotta I gotta

Thank my math teacher Count Dracula

For just teachin' a brother to you know

Count his marbles you know

What about you?

Verse 1 (Mack)

You see I can't stop I won't stop

'til I check a mil I need a super bad bitch

And a house on the hill

365 7days I believe crack pays

My estates been guarded by pit bulls and AK's

I'm straight cookin' them thangs

Movin' weight like I should

'Cause a nigga livin' good

Don't mean he went Hollywood

Dog I practice my craft

So each year I get better

To stay ghetto and clever

But be richer than ever

(E-40) Fonzerelli man I thought you was a rebel

I am but tell me this then

Why you move up out the ghetto (the ghetto)

Mothafucka I am the ghetto

I beg yo pardon

Nigga I was grindin' tryin to take off niggas heads

Flossin' & fuckin' hoes when you was in kindergarten

Nigga this ain't Lenny and Squiggy

This E-Feezee & Mack Teezee

Fuckin' with Italian Romaine pasta chicken Tortellini

Thirty odd six custodian, with the scope

Far from Nickelodeon no shit no joke

Southern Cali up North see we be rollin'

Make a bitch purchase a gun

Report it stolen

Plead the 5th but don't snitch

No case 'cause they're po po

And they mami know that 12 gage equipment can be traced

Stand on ya bunions

Nigga don't try to get caught in his drawers

'Cause them 2.2.3's be penetratin' through walls

Plus I got warrants and shit

Didn't pay child support

Thinkin' about skippin' town

Movin' to Shreveport.



(Mack 10) You see I can't stop I won't stop

'til I check a mil'

I need a super bad bitch and a house on the hill

(E-40) From L.A. to the Yay see we be rollin'

Make a bitch purchase a gun report it stolen

(Mack 10)You see I can't stop I won't stop

'til I check a mil'

I need a super bad bitch and a house on the hill

(E-40) See you my dude right

That mean we pa'tnas in crime

It's Forty Fonzarelli and Mack Dime (Mack Dime) Bitch

Verse 2

(Mack 10) Forty I'm the one bro that's in the mix like gumbo

Now how can I stay humble

And make feddy by the bundle

Marv said we got bigger triggas

Mack we got bigger figures

Now throw the top back on the 'Rarri

And bang gears on these niggas

And watch what the money show you

About niggas that don't know you

Busters is gone hate

Real G's is happy foe ya

It's Mack Dime on the grind

Fool it's my time to shine

Now would you niggas kick back

And let me get mine

(E-40) Causin' havoc sparkin' up chaos

Bringin' the ruckus heavy metal heaters

Mobb, under buckets

If ya can't beat us

Then join us get on the team

Streetsweepers grenades rifles

And M1 car beams

Dice games craps bets over car titles

Pink slips cash money

Watchin' out for rival gang members beefin'

Bad weather but it all boils down to

Who got the most paper


Verse 3

(Mack 10) I shoot 'em up like syringes

I know what real ends is

Lo lo's Harley Davis and big body Benzes

Ain't been faded so far on my wrist

I got a are hundred thousand dollar car

'cause I push the caviar

So what's up what you need everybody huddle up

Got that 2 for 1 special with the rock called double up

So get lit take a hit shop is open all day

From L.A. to the Bay it's Mack 10 & E-Fortaay

(E-40) Sometimes I wonder if it's worth this

Fuckin' with the law tryna make it look like

I'm runnin' a legitimate tow truck service

With a Just Say No to Drug bumper sticker

On the back window (back window)

Knowin' I been smokin' a gang of Indo

Around the corner four houses down across the way way

Make a right and then a left

Over there by Safeway and when ya get there page me

Punch in how much you want to spend

Separate the 20's from the 1's 5's and 10's

Slick sly sharp narcotic vendors

Always do business in shopping centers

Buck 'em stick 'em stuck 'em don't ever fuck me

Hate 'em bleed 'em love 'em shit can get ugly


Hoo bang hoo ride (2X)

Hoo ride hoo bang

Who be ridin' who be bangin' (Westside) Ride Nigga


Fuck 'em and feed 'em cold sardines, cold sardines


Autor(es): Ant Banks / D. Rolison / E. Stevens