Can't Stop Us

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(I always try) Unstoppable daily (Fuckin unstoppable). We unstoppable together, baby Bone Thugs. (Ya ya) Lil Layzie Bone in this motherfucker,Krayzie Bone,Big Wish in this motherfucker,Flesh n Bone knock them niggas out. (Bone Thug, 7th Sign, Mo Thug, ThugLine)(Fuckin unstoppable) Lets do this shit man, lets do this shit baby

You niggas can't stop me (From cocking a glock) You motherfuckers can't stop me (From poppin' the glock)/ This for the guerillas on the block, for skinny niggas like myself, artillery shots as well, yeah/ Ha ha ha

(You think I give a fuck?) You think I give a fuck if you don't like me nigga? Put 'em up in a club and fight me/ I'm sorry that I'm just so fuckin' exciting/ Steadily courdial like this killa 'posed to/ And I wish you would really try to come test me, break bread with niggas that know you/ I can show you, slowly rollin' like these cuts from old school/ Cookin' it up just like it's soul food, fuck all ya'll/ I never did know you/ Bring the Pro Tools, stack it on up/ And lil' thugs that I console to, never leave your house without keepin' it up/ To the head daddy and you don't know what that is? Couple of bodies under my belt, and with mad kids for self protection/ You do know bitch, and keep my hands on a little bit of solo shit, it's Bone Thugs forever cause I know what Bone is

What? You thought a nigga'd be up and gone, fly by night, no longer Bone, strictly hype/ Nigga better think twice cause all of these haters ain't even seen the light/ Nigga, we can conquer anything and the mission always complete/ I be that lil' nigga when you see me, but a dog out in these streets (Roof Roof) and I gets my money I bring home the bacon; Seven or better, that's what I'm making/ You can check the reputation/ Nigga get dealt with, frontin' and hatin'/ See I'm polishin' plus I'm cool/ Yeah, I'm a thug and I'm a fool/ I love the game and I love the rules/ If you cross the line I'm a flex these 2's and nigga ooh/ If I do it's for my children, if you're feelin' like I'm feelin' then you probably gon' see a million/ Thug Nation! Fuck these dollars, yeah, they said it/ You'll never make a hit runnin' wild, and doin' this and doin' that, you'll never make it/ Who get's the last laugh now? Look at me now; Countin' this money/ Them the same niggas today that can't get nothin' from me/ It's all in the mind, hatin' congratulatin' niggas there's really no time wastin' penetratin' and elevatin' believe us it's them niggas waitin'

(Oh, Oh, Oh) Now it's a miracle, you know that Bone gon' pop, ten years and still we blow/ Just admit that we rock all night long, you know we keep it thug but still harmonize these songs/ But don't get it twisted, we thug and we real wit it/ You feelin' we flip and we deal wit it/ Ain't gotta like it, better live wit it/ Destruction, gotta live wit it/ Now think about you when you was me wearin' my shoes on yo' feet/ Now think again cause that can never be/ I can never be a hater on a hand that was dealt to me/ And it seems like I've always been down, and I can't take that, rather take that 'fore I go back that route/ You see one nigga on the news, wonderin' "What did he do?" When they tell you, you be like "Ooh, that nigga's through"/ But they don't know me, been blessed with all my thugs and all this harmony/You know we can't be stopped, we rollin' past the cops, plus all you haters/ The finger's all you got? Fuck ya'll!

I ain't got nothin' to say to a hater/ As soon as he run up I give him a "Pow!"/ Put him in the pound with the rest of them niggas who thought they could run up and fuck with me now in 2000/ We fuckin' around with the convicts, breakin' them up at the county/ Now I got nothin' but killas around me following proudly, organised but rowdy/ They fearin' us, because of the shit they been hearin' about us/ They say that them niggas got ripped with the knowledge and we got a nation of niggas screamin' "Thug Power"/ Them niggas ain't think we was comin' back on some real, political, militant, workin' the field while these busta's stay at a crib/ Execution! Murder, murder, murder, murder them all/ Kill 'em all, all/ Get your shit, nigga, get in the car/ If you ridin' willin' to die for this, really tryin' to survive in this/ Get up and fuck up your rivalries, just wantin' you to know what time it is/ I'm one of soldiers, warriors willin' and ready to die for the cause/ If it's war that's what we came for, that's why I brought my dogs for all of ya'll/ Gauges will be blazin', one gunshot could shake the world, fool/ Watch the drama unfold/ Krayzie's unstoppable-able

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