Can't Take Our Freedom

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In the darkest hours, when the world has turn away
And no-one's watching when the sky has turned to grey and
You have no option, when your voice is illegal
Only choice for the people
Is to stand up proudly in the face of death
And it ain't waste of breath when you speak on loudly
On behalf of the kids in the street with no pot to piss in
Living on the young cos' their papas missing
Don't know if his dead or he's locked in prison
Disappeared and considered him the opposition
And now have a vision of dreams i shouldn't see
And could it be this close? nah it couldn't be
But if the people in egypt and tunis can do this
To decide their fate why wouldn't we
More than forty years we done rocked the nation
And the occupation we can not be waiting
We gonn' stop debating, when one of us dies,
Ten jump in line ready to box the satan

You can't take our freedom or take our soul
Take our freedom or take our soul,
You are not the one that's in control
You are not the one that's in control
La ilahe il-allah, no power greater than god
Go ahead and divide your plans, at the end of the day
You are just a man

The movement is building
When the fathers past the scars through to the children
They shooting to kill them
But the question i'm asking is who's gonna heal them
Look up to the clear skies and down to the brown
Where the blood, sweat & the tears dry
We are questioning their lives
And realize that is not a threat when the fair dies
So we are not afraid anymore
And you can't play god with our lives
You attempted to cage every thought
But resistance is locked in our minds
From millbank tower to tahrir square
Nobody can deny its a fact we are there
We are not leaving until we got freedom
We are willing to bleed and even stop breathing
You must have known from the rust on your throne
That you couldn't maintain by cuttin the phones
Justice alone will sustain our presence
Tunisia to libia, bahrain to yemen

I don't taste the blood
I don't taste the sweat
I don't taste the tears
I ain't taste regret

Now i'm a grown man, and never seen my homeland
And because master jack phone plan
Dad escaped jail and he dedicated, his life
To the cause but he never made it
This ain't about my father getting' retribution
Or my uncle is getting tortured with electrocution
Other uncles getting hung in public executions
Just simply coming out with the best solution
And i don't know why it seems this sky regime
Keeps pushing to the silence scream
It will take you half an hour, to figure that this coward
Can only get his powers for violent means
Killing all the doctors in hospitals
When the regime just seems unstoppable
When freedom feels impossible
The people rise and overcome every obstacle

Dictators are nervous, take from the people
Give straight to the serpents
The sick place that this earth is
Will only ever change, if change for a purpose,
By the people, for the people
None are supreme, all are equal
There's mountains to touch, the power is us
Devour these cowards _with the sound as we rush
I am not a leader, a teacher or preacher
If my people aren't free, than i am not either
I refuse to be silenced
And we will not stop short of removing these tyrants

There comes a time where summerize events gone
Look up to the sky and wonder why you're next
You could call this the butterfly effect
I despise the rats that disguise the facts
When they know the population is fighting back
Inside of crack, this time i bad, like the second bouazizi
Did light that match