Big Tuck

Can't U See

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U cant see me
ridin down 3
candy paint wood grain TV
lone star state
livin life great
playas where yo wand, dispear in ya face.

Yeah, Yeah,
bitch I'm screened up (screened up),
blinged up (blinged up)
bitch you seen her, brand new beama (yeah)
light da dro up (up)
pop da door up (up)
push a button and da sun roof close up.
30 karot peice
its lookin good right
I'm da hood type (hood type), finally got my cash right (yeah)
talkin Nextel (Nextel)
big body S.L. (S.L.)
chase da game up
D12, da box shell!

Yeah I'm stunnin on em (stunnin on em)
blocks I pump on em (pump on em)
livin life like a ram, i get buck on em
I'm in mash mode (mash mode)
get money ovaload (ovaload)
how i feel it, i'm da black down in Brasko
keep da cash flow, broke in da past ho (ho!)
you cant catch me wit a muthafuckin lasso
dats wassup nigga (dats wassup nigga)
get ya buck nigga (get ya bucks nigga)
me and double round dis ho livin great nigga!

We major money makas, get it out da state skatas
switch da flash G's in da face of these fuckin hatas
satelites for da screens, plus for da radio
throw a plasma on da door, roll by and shock a ho
big paper gettin more, voice activated door
touch screen navigation, tell us where da fuck to go
automatic start up, soon as you pump da brake
me and tuck livin great, violatin