Can't With 'em

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It's been some time since you left me
Just like the others, you gave me that line
You let it be known how much you loved me
Then you said that you needed some time
Looking back at the good times we shared
How you said you'd never leave, I remember
Now it's plain to see that you never cared
Our relationship, you grossly dismembered
You left me in the cold
Getting dumped surely gets old
One thing remains to be true
I've got my coin, so who needs you
Females, so eager to deceive
They can take their lies and leave
They say that our gender is bad
It's plain to see what gender is mad
Love to you is like a toy
Breaking my heart was such a joy
The reason is I was too nice
All I want is a bowl of rice
My friends will never stab me in the back
The hypocrisy of women continues to stack
Feminazis continue to rise
They will fall to their demise
Women, can't live with 'em
It's not that we hate the opposite gender
We just hate what they've done to us
In a relationship with them we are hindered
It's gonna take some time and God to give
them our trust.

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