Can't you feel the train coming

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It's a long cold train, mamas in pain
daddy throws his hands up thinking up a name
for an earth-bound baby
from mama to a pullman chair
daddy says come on baby, come on baby
come on baby, come on baby
the baby came crying
but the heaven bound mama can't hear.
The engineer man, he hears the news
train whistle's blowing soft mama blues
porter shut the window
porter draw the pullman shade
the train goes crying, engineer's crying
papa he's crying, baby he's crying
mama goes dying,
it's mama for a baby trade.......
It's a long cold train, papa's in pain
Johnny's been thinking about the story 'bout the train
and his bygone mama
and the night that he and papa cried
Johnny says come on papa, come on papa
come on papa, come on papa
papa can't hear him
papa let the train roll by
Now it's johhny at the window in his bedroom shoes
train whistle's blowing soft papa blues
johnny shut your window
johnny shut your bedroon shade
h .e says goodbye papa, goodbye papa
goodbye papa, goodbye papa
come on train, carry young johnny away......
It's a long cold train, johnny's in pain
he goes to the station with his mind in flames
lay down johnny
with your heart on the long steel track
he says come on train. come on train
come on train, come on train
johnny's going to heaven
he ain't ever coming back
Can't you feel the train coming with it's cold steel shoes
train whistle blowing soft Johnny blues
Jesus is at the window, he's opening up the window shade
Johhny sees his mama,he says hello mama
johnny sees his papa, he says hello papa
hello heaven, goodbye long cold train

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