Can't You Tell

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Wanna lay you down take you right there
Take you right there
Can’t you tell?

‘Wanna hold you now’ you say it so clear
Gonna take you right here
Can’t you tell?
Yea you can tell

When you walked in, oh
Want to throw you down and take you right there
Yea I want it– but I want it when you want it baby
Want you to show me you can give it right back

When we’re talking, oh
Every word you say you choose with such care
When you’re talking, I could listen all day
Your whole life is like a song babe, I swear

I can’t wait
I got all day today and I was just thinking maybe you should come over
Hands around your waist
If I prayed I would thank God for your
Bring you close ‘til we can’t get any closer

When you walked in, oh
I felt my heart go right into you
When I think about your hands on me, I wanna scream, wanna scream, wanna scream!
I’d do anything you asked me to

Love my hands running down your spine
Pulling on my shoulders when I kiss your thighs
And no I can’t forget what your face looks like
Laying down beside your body gives me life
Yea you can tell!

That I’ve waited all day just to play
Wanna feel you come and lay down all your weight
Make no mistake I can see it in your eyes
Yea I know you wanna love

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