Can U Feel It?

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The feeling gets the blessing
The truth sets you free
The feeling is the truth that the answer lies in me
The feeling of the everyday struggles of me and mine
The feeling's got my nigga's on corners risking their lives
It's feeling time flatline
The feeling of sight to the blind
It's liberation when you choose to free your mind
The feeling of a slave underground heading north
I feel the guilty verdicts passed down in the courts
Feel the shackles, cattle, enslaved up north
The feeling as you're watching love run its full course
The feeling of a child in the midst of divorce
God's the source, life force, it's death feeling the loss
The feeling of a hungry man watching a player floss
I feel like Allen in the playoffs stepping on the floor
I crossed him over, foul line jumper with my arms stretched
The feeling of victory, no one remembers who lost

Can you feel it?

I feel like a kid having a kid sister (trapped)
I feel like a cooking pot of grits sister (splat)
I feel you, work and feed your seeds mister (ha)
I feel I'm reppin' you I feel you out there
Now I feel the jealousy, he feels like hating me
The feelings of he, his G just bought my cd
The feelings of me, his G just bought my cd
The feeling of she, show, front row, Us3
Ooooooh weeeee!
Feel me seize the tree
Feeling like busting shots till we're free
Or feeling shots of JD
He feels crates, gates, masks, 'n' robbery
I'm feeling like, fuck it son, we all gotta eat
Ashcroft feels he needs me detained in camps
For me terrorists words through the cells and the amps
I feel like I rhyme like I got nothing to lose, know why?
Because I've got nothing to lose
Do or die!

Can you feel it?

It's the feeling of every bullet passing through Tupac
Volletta Wallace's feelings when BIG got shot
Feeling the fire like Chaka, touch all seven chakras
Snakes infiltrated now I felt the imposter
The feeling of you feeling me feeling the track
The feeling of you running to the deck rewinding it back
The feeling of your check after they take out the tax
You're feeling everything the god spit on the wax
You feel me bomb the track, you feel me attack the wack
I feel my habitat
He feels the needle in the wax
The feeling of a chiropractor walking on my back
The feeling of braille
I feel like feeling the third rail
Suicide, middle passage trade ships set sail
Feel like a dead man walking, monsters ball in jail
I'm feeling like Christ on the cross, the hammered last nail
Father have you forsaken me, I'm feeling like I failed

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