Canvas Of History

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Concrete turns moisture
Deflated tankers
Liquid steelyards
All angles collapse

And it fits into a circle that starts to revolve
From hoover dam to dnyeproges all structures dissolve

On the canvas of history
Greasy hands on the canvas of history
When we haven't nothing up ahead
By the glimmering of myths
The losers are lead

Swirling railroads
Slackening aircrafts
And all missiles are launched
To celebrate the old days
And it fits into a box that locks without a key
That shrinks and implodes and ceases to be

On the canvas of history...etc.

On the canvas of future
Buy an ad on the canvas of future
Panic-stricken by
The search-lights of future
They will crouch in fear
And then be lead away

Thanking you for being put to sleep
And that's why future's fascism will be friendly

Autor(es): Comecon