Can You Believe

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You and I spoke in confidence
About the turning of the years
We both told stories that could break a heart
We brushed aside our tears

You spoke of one desire
I turned away to go
You spoke to me of solitude
Did you really know
Can you believe the words of love?

You and I spoke of tenderness
In a world filled with rage
We spoke at length of our uncertainty
And tomorrow's headline page

Seven hills to the city
Another space, another time
We were deep in conversation
In a vacant state of mind
Can you believe the words of love?

A second in a lifetime
A time for letting go
A painting in the manner Of Michelangelo
You and I spoke of innocence
There are victims of this crime
We both believed in our sincerity
I am taken back in time

The calling of the ocean
The movement of the sand
I could see my dreams forever
Running slowly through my hand
Can you believe the words of love?

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