Christmas Party

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Chirstmas Party
Are you ready? (Whoo! Whoo!)
Whoo! Whoo!

(Santa Clause is coming to town)

(Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
Here we next go yeah!

(Silent Night)
Alo Bam Bah Ohh
Alo Bam Bah
Lo Boh
Ali ka go hua ali hua
Ai Chi Ma
Hui Keh Bar
Yar chi bah
Yar ma chi beh
Ma chi beh
Yar ma chi boh
Are you ready?!

Look out
Party all
Duo Monko all
What makes you all
Life all
Ali cha mo cha

(Jingle Bells)
Dance time
All mas cheh yeah
All Yeah
Christmas party

Chirstmas Party!

Autor(es): Audition Online

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