Can You Hear The Devils Laughing? (Or Is It Just Me)

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I dreamt i hoped and desired what was us
Buw how sadness and anger spurned the spirit of light
Eons divide us in spirit and mind
What i thought we once had, is now spoiled and confined
Mediocre words full of condescending love?
I hear devils that laugh from the heavens above
We piss on benevolence and we ponder in hate
But refuse to acknowledge that the urine tastes great

The silence absorbs any feelings of hope
All the tears that are shed make desire implode
So fearless we walk to damnation ahead
Where passion once burned, we lay vanquished and dead
The feeling of love untouched by decline
Is now carved in my flesh and revised by the blind
Pathetic and wilted we persist to believe
That compassion will rise and redeem the deceived

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