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Can You Help Me

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I tried to run away but I was frozen in place
My body was mad of sawdust and my heart just split
My old friend rigor mortis started to breathe in my face
The air started to drain out of my spirit
Help me, can you help me?
A century of my tears wouldn't even fill a thimble
The war of the class clown is never won
But nothing makes me laugh anymore
And nothing makes me craw
And nothing makes me feel like I belong
Help me, can you help me?
I can't believe all the stupid things I'm saying now
Either I've shaken the world off my back
or else I've gone senile
I thought your love was just a great big lie
Now love you is the only thing that's gonna get me by
Help me, can you help me?
All I have to offer you is archaeology and Christmas
And we'll turn our backs on what the world has in store
And twist the light so that it shines down on us
And wait together for the touch of something more
Help me, can you help me?

Autor(es): Mark Eitzel

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