Caotic World

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Here I am
Trapped in a caotic world
Where the simple and right are forgotten
And the wrong and complex are the watchword to be followed

Where libido is the most important thing
And the love is left in the background
Where the active voice lives in front of a screen
And minor things are the bound

Where thieves are benefited
And the honest ones are harmed
Where who steals in a suit and tie
IS right in a world which is "charmed"

Where stereotype is the main thing
That keeps a person standing
Even if this isn't what he needs
But he does that just to please

I wish that sometimes we could dream
with a world WHERE a person
DOESN'T try to surpass other ones
but that's a dream that's already gone

'Cause that does not depend just on me
But it also depends on you
And I believe that
we can find out the truth

And my believing on these thoughts
is consorted with a little hope
Because i know that are people out there
Who sees that as a scope...

...a scope of changing
IN which we all believe
That one day, this
Caotic world does not cleave

Autor(es): Gabriel Barbosa Damasceno

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