Capitalist Punishment

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He's about to die
He could see the sky
His german car
Is smashed up
His wretched life
Is almost up

The sick joy that he once felt
The weight of his money belt
Driving fast and recklessly
The way it was supposed to be

God is sometimes very swift to make things like that transpire
The rich and mighty doesn't think that their luck might expire
Those who think the laws of nature don't apply to them
The sound of breaking metal and bones will be their requiem

So, up slaves in all nations
The blood of the innocent calls
Greedy, evil corporations,
Sweet jesus will smite them all

Turned into naught
There is little
Conscious thought
His tanned limbs
Are going numb
Was very dumb

Raised to be condescending
Never himself, just pretending
Thought he was from a higher class
A parasite on the working mass

People sometimes get relieved when things like that transpire
Another bastard has died and gone to swim the lake of fire
Focus on the exchange list and you'll end up dismayed
Should've spent life doing good, instead of the american way

So up slaves...

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