Captain Blah

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He has the face of evil
He has a stilt
He stole the ark of the island
But do not spend money nor with battery

A currency makes a difference for him
For if the union makes the force
A person get rid of this union
You do not need help at any time

This letter of music has nothing to do
Captain Blah is a very nice being
He has a deep voice and speaks slang
Bad language he speaks and eats meal

He smells cocaine on the ship
He has a parrot gay
He likes to sing songs foreign
He was leader of the National Marine

His parrot is the son of a weird crossing
From a pig with a dove
Grandchildren of a dog with a cat
And great-grandchildren of a lion with a tiger

Captain Blah is drug
Captain Blah exaggerates
Captain Blah enlouquece
Captain Blah is bore

Autor(es): Guilherme