Captain Moonlight

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He´S The King Of The Nighttime World
And The Streets Are His Throne
He´S The Prince Of Your Dreams
You Are Never Alone
Got The Soul Of A Lion Sly Like A Cat
He´S So Damned Cool Running Head Of The Pack

Close Your Eyes
For A Night To Remember Are You
Ready-Ready- Ready-Ready

Captain Moonlight-Sail In Your Ocean
Captain Moonlight-Come Back To Me
Captain Moonlight

He´S Like A Freight Train Running On Track
With A One Track Mind
Puts His Life In The Line Every Day
He´S One Of The Kind
Like Shooting Star Who Starts To Burn
Yourone Way Ticket With No Return

Captain Moonlight-Sail In Your Ocean
Captain Moonlight-Talk To Me
Captain Moonlight-Asea Ofemotion
Captain Moonlight

When Will I See You Again
How Will I Know If I´M Ready-Ready-Ready-Ready

Autor(es): Paul Sabu

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